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Dear enquirers and customers,

First of all we like to thank you to visit to our web site. We hope that gives you enough and clear information about our products. Please write to us your comment and the products data you looking for and also your contact details under CONTACT heading. We will help you to find your product to a closest shop to your home. Apart from this you can check up our resellers menu which helps you which area are they located in a Country where you able to buy your ideal bamboo or exotic hardwood flooring. Is good to be informed and check the news and the product catalogue continuously because we always expand our product range with a new item.

Our products continuously have in our warehouse and for this reason could be serve you in the next day if it?s necessary. We provide a supply continuously of our products into our warehouse to serve customer immediately.

Our products range expands with a next structure:
- horizontal and vertical structured bamboo flooring with T&G fittings
- horizontal and vertical structured bamboo flooring with click system
- horizontal structured engineered bamboo flooring with click system
- new generation strand woven textured bamboo flooring with T&G fittings
- new generation strand woven textured bamboo flooring with click system
- exotic wooden floor with T&G fittings (Merbau)

- even smood
- wire-brushed
- hand-scraped antique
- landscaped art

- nature, carbonized, (in full structure)
- golden brown, chestnut, Irish moss (Only the top stained)
- wenge, teak, smoke, coffee, cabernet (Only the top stained)
- sunrise, 7 color illusion, bamboo node bronze, wooden texture ironwood (Only the top stained)

Our Company has the most extreme colored and surfaced bamboo flooring collection in Eastern-Europe. We hope that you able to find your home designed floor from our product range.

We thank you for having advanced confidence in us and we hope that we can book you as a buyer to our resellers’ list. Our distributors ensure you that give you the best service and knowledge.

With Sincerest regards,
Exotic World